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Ceramic Glass Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is a liquid that quickly solidifies into a thin film. Areas of an automobile that are visible on the surface, such as its exterior, interior, wheels, etc. The coating keeps the paint from becoming dull and keeps the surfaces from fading. This is because it is impermeable to both sunlight and chemicals.

At Optimum Premium Detailing we use the renowned Korean firm TACsystem, that are known for their durable and high shielding. The high concentration of TACsystem’s coatings allows them to function as single layers in the professional setting.

Nanostructured silanes and siloxanes form ceramic coatings, which adhere chemically to paint or glass.

Ceramic Glass coating

Ceramic coatings not only prevent chemical and UV damage but also provide some scratch protection. The chemically bonded coatings from world-renowned company GTechniq that we at Optimum Premium Detailing provide range from protective to long-lasting and are either based on quartz or composite materials.
Rapid progress in nanoceramic technology has been made in the automotive industry. Considering how helpful it really is, of course. The best and simplest way to understand ceramic coatings is to picture a 9H-hardened protection layer covering your car’s clear finish. They use a process called nanotechnology, which uses microscopic particles to create a very opaque and functional coating. In addition to making a surface hydrophobic (water repellent), the tiny size of these particles also allows them to seal all holes, durable and resistant to UV damage, toxins, severe temperatures, and even vandalism.


Benefits of ceramic coating


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