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Reinforced Graphene Coating

IGL Re-enforced Graphene Coat

Graphic coatings with its nano layer and the revolution it is bringing in industry is creating a huge market. Due to its ultra-hardness and anti-static properties, a graphEne coating applied to a car prevents the buildup of dust and filth.

At Optimum Premium Detailing we offer graphene coating with the high end brand IGL car care products who are globally recognized as the famous and most likeable product.

At Optimum Premium detailing, we also provide the service of Graphene Wash with the world’s best car detailing product IGL car detailing products. Graphene Wash is not like the normal coating instead it is a laminated coating that has premium features. Graphene Ceramic Coating is a transparent, nano-crystalline coating that protects your car from the elements, pollutants, and ultraviolet radiation while preventing water, grime, and other contamination.

IGL Coatings is the world’s Top 3 Tier Brand and Have a 60% Market share in the USA alone. IGL Coatings is a Shah Alam-based, an award-winning Malaysian technology company that creates game-changing nanotechnology coatings. To revolutionize the coatings market, IGL Coatings was an early adopter of zero- and low-volatile-organic-compound ceramic coatings.

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