Optimum Premium Car Detailing

Anti Rust Coating

Undercarriage Degreasing

With the best car detailing service provider in the town, Optimum Premium Detailing uses a steam cleaning method, together with biodegradable treatments and polishing chemicals of 3D car care products, a well-known product of USA recognised globally. This is what your automobile needs to look like new again. In this way, we are able to polish it to a flawless finish, free from any unevenness or dirt. When compared to other vehicle detailers, Optimum Premium Detailing stands out due to the superior cleaning results provided by our latest technology with the use of eco-friendly products. We’ve come up with a method to clean your automobile thoroughly while using just a pint of water.

3M Undercoating Anti-rust

Steel has to be protected against the damaging effects of water exposure, and the application of the appropriate anti-rust coating does just that. Rust, which is a by-product of prolonged exposure, may degrade the functionality of numerous parts and eventually lead to a catastrophic breakdown of essential machinery. We at Optimum Premium Detailing can coat your steel and metals so they won’t rust or corrode At optimum premium detailing we use the anti-rusting spray product of 3M, the well-known and largest company in the USA founded more than a century ago and now more than 60,000 brands in its portfolio. They are known for their products exclusively formed in the light of science. 3M industrial and automotive products are used and appreciated not only in the USA but globally.

Rubberized coating

At Optimum Premium Detailing we also offer Rubberized coating. The over-moulding process necessitates the application of rubber-to-metal sealant coatings to facilitate the adhesion of rubber to a substrate. When moulded rubber components are used in suspension systems and engine mounts, rubber-to-metal adhesive coatings are important for shock absorption and/or sound deadening.

Stone Chip Coating

We at Optimum Premium Detailing offer the service of stone chipping. The professionals at Optimum Premium Detailing, make sure that the automobile is safe and protected. For this purpose, we use 3M stone chip coating, a superior acrylic coating on vehicles that keep them shielded against damage caused by corrosion, heat, salt water spray, gasoline, oil, and certain solvents. It’s also quite tough, lasts a long time, and is simple to keep clean. Stone Chip from 3M car care may be used on primed metal, paint, Duco, and fibreglass.


Honda Vezel
Khakan Butt

I had a great experience at Optimum Premium. Got the basic detailing package which was a good value for money. They have a safe, spacious garage and friendly staff members plus the car looked brilliant after detailing. Totally recommend!

Umair Tahir

Excellent service ! 10/10. Professional team I have good word for the team optimum premium detailing & Optimum Motorsport "Professional well trained staff ".
Fully satisfied.
Mr Hammad & MR Mohsin both are very professional polite decent person and knowledgeable person.
Highly recommend. I selected PPF service for my toyota fortuner legender. 100 percent satisfied.

Toyota Fortuner
Muhammad Sharef Rajput

Amazing results. Professional team, Worth it. I would highly recommend. All porducts are premium. May Allah bless you & family.

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